Everything you need to know about K-POP! 

Hey everyone! So I’m guessing you watched The Billboard Music Awards last night and saw that BTS won Top Social Artist! I was so happy for them I hope this opens the door for more K-pop stars to come to the US! I’ve been a K-Pop fan for years so I’m writing this blog to all the Americans who aren’t so familiar with K-Pop! I hope this helps! 

#1 “K-Pop” Stands for Korean Pop.

Like you probably guessed K-Pop is pop music from Korea ! (Obviously) 

#2 It’s mostly Boybands and Girl Groups.

Almost all K-pop stars are in some type of group. They are really into Boybands and Girl Groups there. 

#3 One Boyband could have up to 13 members. 

When it comes to K-Pop there’s power in numbers. Unlike in America where we could have a 3 member Boyband the average number there is 7. It’s the same with there Girl Groups, one of there popular groups Girls Generation has 9 members. 

#4 They Sing, Dance, and Rap. 

You wouldn’t see 5SOS dancing on stage and they definitely can’t rap (although that would be kinda funny to watch) but they’re all about that triple threat over there, K-Pop Boybands are known for there dancing. 

#5 The K-Pop Fandom is huge. 

As you saw from the Billboard Music Awards K-Pop fans are everywhere in the world!

#6 You don’t have to know Korean to love K-Pop. 

You can find lot’s of videos with sub’s on YouTube, so the language barrier isn’t that big of a deal. 

So don’t worry it’s not that hard to figure out! Here’s a list of my favorite K-Pop artists ⬇







Girl Groups.

Girls Generation 




I hope you enjoyed this blog! 




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