Harry Styles: more then a boyband member.

Sense 2010 the world has known Harry Styles as the cheeky member in the world’s biggest boyband One Direction. We’ve all seen him singing with his fellow band mates to thousans of screaming girls. But in the last few months we’ve seen a solo Harry and that has mad us realize that he’s not just past boyband member he’s an artist. 

His first solo album self titled “Harry Styles” comes out May 12th and by the sounds of his first two singles “Sign Of The Times”” and “Sweet Creature” we know that this album is going to show the new solo Harry Styles. I feel like he has matured a lot now that I have listed to his new music and he’s sorta rebranded himself into an artist and not just a performer. 

He’s put a lot of heart and soul in his new album it’s going to show us who he really is as solo artist and who he wants to become. This is just the start of a whole new musical career for Styles, I can’t wait to hear the whole album!!! 




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